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Frequently Asked Questions

How far away is the parking lot from the Port?

The Parking Doctors is .3 miles from the Port.  Our parking lot is located at 1254 Channelside Drive.

Do I have to have a reservation to Park at The Parking Doctors lot?

No. While we recommend making a reservation we also accept drive ins. Please check oot hnk" hre-"itemListElemepan> n ss=

Yes.  The Parking Doctors parking lot is a= lf park lot csteall customers hcae s irte,"Mdr I h/ o" Will s shuttle pick be up when s boat returns?

Yes. Our shuttle u

We perate multiple vans Poorder ss=minimize oot customers wait time.  Each van can accommodate 10 adults.  For large parties we recommend they drop s irtparty csteluggage at the Port first before parking with us.  By just having s irtu

O"theyou have disembarked from the ship please call oot shuttle van phone number.  This phone number is printetem/ e business cartemot u

Yes.  The Parking Doctors parking lot is fully f="thd cstelocket.  We have securititcameras ss=monitor s lot cstes lot is fully lit at nightdr I h/ o" Is the Parking Doctors ss=ured?

Yes.  We have all appropriate ss=ura"thecoverage for liabilititprotectiondr I h/ o" What is your ca"thllation aste hrustepolicy?

Parking m h2>F will be held until 2 p.m. m/ departure da"Md Noe hrust will be madhe Pothe event of "ns=shows", unushd tickets, or lost tickets. You must provideeyour parking m h2>F (purchase order) ss=the lot cttendant o/ ay of departure. You maitca"thleyour m h2>F at csy time up ss=24 hours prior so departure for a fulle hrusteminus the $4 h2>F fee. Ca"thllations madhe Pside of 24 hours will be charged for s fulleamount, but maitush s prepaideamount as a=credit for a future parking m h2>F  dr I h/ o" How l o" does it takr so get nit hrust?

Rhrust typically takr 3-4 business da"Md While we process s m right away, hecompcsy that processes the credit carts can takr shis amount of ime so post it back so your accountdr I

About Us

 In ssda"'s economy taking a cha"the a new idea requiretemther constants ss=makr shetexperiment work.  Family, fun astehartework have bfrom heconstants for The Parking Doctors.   We are all college educated Po



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or call (866) 638 1114